Throughout human history, perfumes have always been a part of life. Egyptians and Greeks, dating back approximately 3500 BC, used perfumes in ceremonies and religious rituals. The word perfume was derived from Romans. However, it was first used by the Greeks. But the perfumes we use today are quite different from the ones used before.

Back then, the perfumes mainly consisted of fragrant powders and heavy oils. Today, they are extracted from plants or produced synthetically. Usually, the perfumes have 3 notes, the Top Note is the first impression. It evaporates quickly. The Heart Note is the main body, and it lasts longer. The Base Note is the last scent that is mixed with heart notes and most remembered.


There are five main categories for the classification of perfumes, based on the aromatic compound concentration.


It has a 20-30% fragrance concentration. It has the highest concentration, which makes it expensive. Parfum is used more sparingly and is heavier and oilier than other types of perfumes. It has a smell that lasts longer ( average 8-24 hours).


It has a 15-20% fragrance concentration. It is cheaper than a parfum and has a higher concentration of water & alcohol. It lasts for about 4-5 hours and has a lighter consistency. It is the base for other fragrances and is the most common one.


It has a 5-15% fragrance concentration. It contains a higher concentration of alcohol, while the concentration of essential oils is less.


It has a lower concentration of fragrance, about 2-4%, and is a very light formulation. Mostly, men use it as a splash-on fragrance or an aftershave. It lasts about only 2 hours.


It has the lowest concentration of fragrance, about 1-3%. Rather than oil or alcohol, it has more water. Mists, veils, and splashes are common uses for Eau Fraiche.

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