Chanel Allure Sensuelle EDT Spray 100ml Perfume Gift Set by Trioni


  • Great Gift Set – Show your special someone how much you care with this great gift set. It includes a durable and refillable atomizer, a compliment-magnet lava beads bracelet, and a velvet bag with Chanel to enhance mood and boost confidence.
  • Floral Soft Ambery Scent – Experience a floral soft ambery scent with perfume for women that will make you feel sexy, attractive, and boost your health and wellbeing. Inhale the scent to trigger memories and use the aromatherapy to lift your spirits.
  • Diffuse Bracelet – Be confident and stylish while wearing the convenient and easy to monitor diffuser beaded bracelets to store your chanel sensuelle safely. Its small but powerful design makes it a good companion for any occasion.
  • Atomizer – Unleash your desired scent with the convenient perfume atomizer bottle refillable. With just the press of a button, you can spritz your preferred womens perfume chanel for a lasting finish.
  • Elegant velvet storage – Feel organized and sophisticated with this elegant velvet pouch, great for holding your perfume. Store and transport your scent with confidence knowing your precious cargo will stay safe and secure.

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Uplifting Fragrance - Indulge yourself in the moment with an elegant and captivating scent that enhances your mood and boosts your confidence. Imagine feeling attractive and empowered wherever you go while also enjoying the aromatherapy that can help to lift your spirits. With an enhanced mood and increased confidence, you will be sure to make lasting memories and achieve life goals that you never thought possible. Let this perfect scents fragrances for women help to make you confident, content, and ready to take on the world. Focusing your mind is an essential part of maintaining productivity and honing your skills. With this convenient and easy to monitor accessory, you can unlock your creativity and communication, while creating focus and clarity. The refillable, durable and leak-proof design atomizer making it lightweight and versatile even when on the go. And a lava bead bracelet for women with it, you can achieve a heightened sense of clarity and focus that will allow you to work efficiently, even during times of chaos and confusion along with an elegant velvet pouch. This accessory will help you stay focused and connected with your goals, allowing you to achieve success. Envelop yourself in a sensual fragrance that will make you feel irresistible. Perfumes Chanel for Women offers an unforgettable scent that is sure to turn heads. Its delicate mix of floral and soft amber notes creates a warm, inviting aroma that lingers with you throughout the day. With its lasting scent, you can be sure that you will remain surrounded by a sense of sexiness and warmth all day long. Allure is also a compliment magnet ensures that you can enjoy its tantalizing aroma for as long as you like. With Allure, you will always be ready to make an impression.

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