Chanel Allure Sensuelle EDP Spray 50ml Perfume Gift Set by Trioni


  • Great Gift Set for Women – Surprise the special woman in your life with a good gift set – the Chanel Perfume for Women. She’ll relish in the sexiest, warmest scents, complemented by the velvet bag, atomizer and lava bracelet. An unforgettable experience!
  • Confidence Booster – Indulge in a scent that will instantly boost your confidence. Perfumes Chanel for women will help you feel more powerful and in control of your life.
  • Diffuser Bracelets – Wear this Sensuelle perfume with a diffuser beaded bracelet for a lighter and more refined scent. Great for a modern and voluptuous scent with a floral-soft-amber blend – diffuse it anytime, anywhere with a small but powerful diffuser bracelet.
  • Atomizer – Easily apply your great scents fragrances for women with the convenient atomizer, providing you with a good finish every time. And with its handy, travel-friendly size, you can conveniently take your scent with you wherever you go.
  • Elegant velvet storage – Experience the convenience and security of elegant velvet pouch for your lifestyle perfume. Keep it safe and sound while having it always at hand to help you lift your spirits and promote positive energy.

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Create Memories, experience the power of a women's perfume Chanel Allure Sensuelle, perfect scents fragrances for women a beautiful and striking scent that triggers memories. Imagine noticing the sexiest, warmest scent in the air, with its floral and soft amber notes, and having memories of a special moment or beloved person come flooding back. Not only will this scent make you an instant compliment magnet, it will also enhance your mood and boost your confidence. With the elegant velvet drawstring bag, you can keep this scent with you and make yourself attractive and enjoy a moment of aromatherapy. Take your beauty gifts and memories to the next level with Chanel Allure Sensuelle. Powerful Atomizer, you want a powerful product in a small package? Look no further, this small but mighty product is great for a woman who seeks radiance and true intensity. Refillable and leak-proof, it upholds the same voluptuous, soft-amber scent every time you use it. This feature allows you to conveniently carry your scent with you wherever you go and makes it easy to monitor your usage. With its modern and magnetic essence, it helps lift your spirits and promote positive energy. Not to mention, the durable and velvet bags provide a safe storage for your perfumes, making it a good companion for wherever your day may take you. Plus, its lava beaded bracelets adds a touch of charm and style, making this a great Chanel perfume for women beauty gift set. For perfumes for women allure Chanel, lightweight and versatile are qualities you want to look for. With this lightweight and versatile feature, women's eau de parfum allure Chanel make it possible to take your scent with you wherever you go, ensuring you are always confident and stylish. Benefits: Sexiest, warmest scent, Floral-soft-amber scent, Compliment magnet, enhances mood and boosts confidence, Aromatherapy benefits; lifts spirits and promotes positive energy.

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