We often hear the importance of taking supplements, but are they worth it for your health? Once in your life, someone might recommend you to take supplements, like fish oil or supplements for hair and nails. You might wonder if mother nature can provide you with all the nutritious and healthy foods, then why would you require taking supplements? 

The foods grown on our planet today are not as nutritious as they were before for our ancestors. It is due to lowered nutrient content in the soil. For instance, eating eight oranges at once will provide us with the amount of Vitamin A our ancestors gained by eating a single orange. It shows how much nutrients were available back in the day and how much we are getting nowadays. It is why people were healthier, and they were less prone to getting diseased. Nowadays, the immune system weakens steadily, and life span is gradually decreasing. 

There are many types of supplements for each of your health concerns. Some of the health supplements are as follows.


These supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help our body in more than one way. Omega-3 has two main components called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). These components are responsible for many health benefits like reducing inflammation in the body, lessening the chance of getting age-related macular degeneration, lowering blood pressure, and avoiding the chances of getting a heart attack. 

Irwin Naturals Double-Potency Fish Oil Pure brings together these potent ingredients into one daily wellness formula. Most fish oil products contain relatively low amounts of EPA and DHA. That’s why we developed a higher potency and more cost-effective formula that delivers twice the amount of Omega-3 per gram of fish oil. It means you can see quick results by incorporating them into your daily life.


Who would not like to lose some extra pounds by just eating a magical pill that can take away all of their fat! But do these fat-burning supplements work? Our answer is yes! Some ingredients can help you lose weight gradually. Ingredients like green tea and caffeine promote weight loss. But how do they work? Caffeine is a constituent of green tea as well. Apart from caffeine, there is another element called Catechin, recognized for its fat-burning claims. These work alongside to promote the process of thermogenesis and enhance metabolism. In thermogenesis, the heat starts producing in the body to burn calories. But make sure to do physical activity as well because taking supplements is not enough. A little bit of hard work is also required. 

Irwin Naturals Triple-Tea Fat Burner provides you with a blend of White, Green, and Black Tea extracts that supply a powerful combination of thermogenic ingredients with super antioxidant protection.


Greens and veggies provide us with essential nutrients. As discussed previously, one cannot get enough nutrients and minerals from eating just a few fruits and vegetables. Especially, green vegetables are low on calories and provide health benefits like lowering the risk of getting obese, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, and maintaining a balance in blood pressure. We also tend to skip greens every so often and replace them with junk food. It is where supplements come to the rescue! Irwin Naturals Sun Powered Living Greens Superfood is a nutrient-dense blend of whole food concentrates that delivers a broad spectrum of phytonutrients to support whole-body health and vitality. 

To sum it up, supplements have become a crucial part of our lives, and we cannot deny the fact that they can provide us with many health benefits. But it is required to use them with regularity to see good results.