A cleanser is all you need to fight away the unwanted particles to which your skin is exposed all day long. It not only helps remove impurities and makeup residue, but it is also taking part in the prevention of many skin conditions, including clogged pores, pimples, and blackheads.

Lives are becoming occupied with work, and people are so tired that they tend to skip this vital step. There should be no compromise in cleansing your face twice daily. In every skincare routine, you’ll see cleansing as the first step. The reason behind it is that once your pores are clean, the serums and moisturizers that you’ll apply will absorb more efficiently. Which in turn makes your skin radiant and healthy.

You might be wondering what will happen if you neglect washing your face. Well, the answer is quite terrifying because clogged pores will lead to severe acne, redness, and itching. You will get to a point where itching will become intense. You would have no choice but to scratch it harshly. But it will only cause more harm as it leads to skin breakage, allowing harmful microbes to enter your skin, resulting in infection and a greasy, dirty appearance.


Following is a list of the beneficial factors that a cleanser consists of:

  • It boosts hydration.
  • It prevents the signs of aging.
  • It helps keep skin radiant and healthy.
  • It maintains pore size.
  • It limits sebum production.
  • It enhances the skin to absorb other products effectively.


There are many products in the market, making it quite tricky to select what might prove beneficial to your skin. But don’t worry. We have got your back. Take a look at these cleansers that are perfect for your skin type.


If you have rough-textured and dehydrated skin, then cream and lotion cleansers will best suit you. They have a light yet thick consistency. They gently cleanse and provide a moisture barrier. With its regular use, dullness, wrinkles, and fine lines disappear. And it also retains the elasticity of the skin. You can get these magical results with the help of our beloved SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion Toner.


With oily skin comes many problems. Blackheads, enlarged pores, and acne are quite common. To solve this problem of yours, a gel or foaming cleanser will save the day. Try our favorite SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser and Clinique For Men Oil Control Face Wash for striking results.


You might feel that some areas of your skin are dry while others are oily. It is because you have combination skin. It is sometimes quite irritating because some parts will have a rough texture while others will have blackheads, pimples, and more sebum production. It is a bit confusing as to what type of products you should use. But don’t worry, we have exactly what you need. Try SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser or Lancome Mousse Eclat Clarifying Self-foaming Cleanser. They are ideal for combination skin.